HiPath 2000    IP  System


HiPath 2000 – the best IP communication solution you can get.

The completely new HiPath 2000 is a pure IP communications system with an open LINUX-based software architecture. It offers companies with up to 30 employees fast, easy access to uniform voice and data communication via the Internet Protocol. It is also integrated perfectly in business processes. With HiPath 2000 companies can utilize a comprehensive range of features and communicate via high-quality devices that are very simple to operate.

IP communication with HiPath 2000 provides security, high quality, flexibility and high availability:

IP telephony uses a variety of security features that are familiar from the IT world, also offering protection of voice communication against hackers and viruses
To protect communications HiPath 2000 offers maximum security against failure
Quality of service (QoS) ensures constant high voice quality and always give voice communication top priority in the hierarchy of data flow
Thus companies do not have to give up anything that characterizes today’s TDM telephony, but they can also exploit all the advantages of IP communications.

HiPath 2000 – IP communication that pays off for you.
The Real Time IP System HiPath 2000 is a clever investment. It is marked not only by low procurement costs, but is also a convincing choice due to its ease of installation and economical operation.
Communications processes are simplified;
collaboration in cross-locational teams is optimized and accessibility for customers is increased. HiPath 2000 enables companies to exploit the decisive benefits of state-ofthe-art IP communication. Today and in the future – because HiPath 2000 is already open for future carrier services as well.

Low procurement costs, DSL router and gateway are implemented in a single system
Preinstalled software makes start-up extremely simple (plug & play)
Low maintenance costs through IP network technology
Reduced service and administration costs through WEB-based management
Secure IP communication through IPSec and VPN
Flexible expansion via user licenses
Economical integration in HiPath networks via CorNet IP/SIP
HiPath 2000 – Naturally from Siemens.
Of course, the Real Time IP System HiPath 2000 offers you all the advantages that have made Siemens the leading provider of communications solutions. Especially high reliability and protection against failure, combined with the highest degree of flexibility and the highest level of performance – plus outstanding compatibility and maximum scalability. Siemens is the only provider of complete solutions consisting of the wireless infrastructure, user applications and end devices. Only these end-to-end solutions offer a high return on investment, low total cost of ownership and permit smooth implementation and conversion. And all this from a single source with the comprehensive portfolio of HiPath services.

HiPath – Total business communications.
The development of comprehensive, innovative and future-proof solution concepts for all industrial areas – that is our goal. A noticeable increase in your effectiveness and productivity – that is our promise.


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