KX-TD1232                                     KX-TD816



CO and Station Configuration

Four Additional XDP Ports

Caller ID Compatability1

Voice Mail Integration

Direct Inward System Access (DISA)

PC-Based Programming

Automatic Route Selection (ARS)

Call Forwarding

Direct Inward Dial (DID)

ISDN Basic Rate Interface BRI Capability

Uniform Call Distribution with OGM

T1 Interface

Extra Device Port (XDP)

Absent Message Capability

Account Code Entry (Forced Verified)

Account Code Entry (Optional)

Automated Attendant (with DISA/OGM)

Automatic CO Hunting

Automatic Fault Logging

B.G.M. (Back Ground Music) Jack

Bilingual Displays

Call Back Busy

Call Hunting (Terminal or Circular)

Call Log ( KX-T7436 & KX-T7456 Display Phone)

Call Parking Zones

Call Park Retrieve

Call Pick Up

Call Transfer/Transfer Recall

Call Waiting1

Caller ID:

Class of Service

CO Limited Duration Timer

CO Line Names

CO Line Status (Two Color LED)

Conference Calling (3 Party)

Data Dump (Print Out of System Program Data)

Data Line Security (for Fax or Modem)

Date and Time Display

Delayed Ringing

Digital Telephone System

D.I.L. (Direct In Line)

D.I.S.A. Single Digit Access

Distinctive Ringing Tone (CO, Intercom)

D.N.D. (Do Not Disturb)

D.N.D. Override

Door Intercoms/Door Opener Contacts

DSS/BLF Consoles

Dual Port Usage (Parallel SLT Station)

Duration Time of Call Display

Electronic Station Lock

Emergency Call Number Programming

Extension Groups

Extension Name on Display when Idle

Exclusive Hold

Executive Override

Executive Override Deny

External Modem Support

External paging Ports

Fax transfer

Flexible CO Keys (DSS/BLF, One Touch Dial)

Flexible DSS Keys (One Touch, Feature Access)

Flexible Key Assignments

Flexible Line Assignment

Flexible Night Service/Programmable/Manual

Flexible Ringing Assignment (Day, Night)

Flexible Station Numbering

Hands-Free Answer Back Intercom

Handset/Headset-Display Phones

Hold, Hold Recall, Hold Reminder

Hotel/Motel Features

Industry Standard Telephone Capability

Internal Paging (All Call Paging)

Internal Paging (Zone Paging)

Last Number Redial

Limited Call Duration

Live Call Screening (DPITS Only)

Live Call Screening, Remote (DPITS Only)

Login/Logout (Hunt, Ring, UCD)

Lunch/Break Mode

Memory Back-up

Message Waiting - Proprietary Phones

Message Waiting SLT

Military Time Display

M.O.H. (Music on Hold)

Multiple Voice Mail Lamps

Off-Hook Tone Signaling

Off-Hook Monitoring (KX-T7431, 7433, 7135, 7436, 7453, 7456 Only)

Off-Hook Call Announce with KX-T7130, KX-T7135

Off-Hook Call Announce (KX-T7436, KX-T7456)

On-Site Programming Diagnostics

Operator Call

Phantom Extensions

Power Failure Transfer

Pre-Selection (Central Office or Intercom)

Privacy Release

Remote Programming/Diagnostics

Remote Station Lock Control

Ring Groups

Ringing Line Preference

Saved Number Redial

Secret Dialing

Seven Day ARS Time Tables

System Power Back-Up (Optional)

S.M.D.R. (Station Message Detail Recording)

Station Name Display

Station to Station Messaging

Station Speed Dial Numbers

System Interconnection - Doubling Capacity

System Speed Dial Numbers

System Working Report

T.A.F.A.S. (Trunk Answer from any Station)

TAPI Compliant

Timed Reminder

Timed Reminder, Remote

Toll Restriction

Toll Restriction Override

Tone/Pulse Conversation

Tone/Pulse Dialing (By CO Line)

Transfer (Screened/Unscreened)

Trunk Groups

Two-Way Record (DPITS required)

Two-Way Transfer (DPITS required)

Unattended Conference Call

Uniform Call Distribution without OGM

Voice Mail, Automatic Configuration (DPITS only)

Voice Mail Integration (Inband)

Voice Mail Ports

Walking Class of Service

Whisper Off Hook Call Announce

Working Report

Caller ID Logging

Dimensions (H x W x D)


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