4 ISDN lines  and   12 extensions (4 analogue and 8 digital).


Item Max per. system Additional Information
KXTD612E-Control Unit 1 Initially configured for 4 ISDN2 channels and 12 analogue extensions (simple telephones, fax, credit card verifier, modem).
ISDN Channels 6 3 ISDN2 lines (2 channels each).
ISDN S-Bus 2 1 ISDN2 lines (2 channels each).
Extensions 12 8 DPT + 4 SLT
Doorphones 3 Allows visitors to announce their arrival
Music on hold 1 Enables either externel music or ringback tone
Relay Interface 1 Multifunction
PA Output 1 Configurable with music
Door Openers 3 Electronic lock needs to be provided.
System Speed Dials 500 Accessible from any extension.
Personal Speed Dials 10 Accessible by individual extensions.
Least Cost Routing Carriers 9 1 direct and 8 configurable
Built in voicemail 1 Voice mail and UCD capabilities with up to nine UCD messages
Analogue line card 1 Provides one standard analogue line interface
ISDN Extension card 1 Provides one ISDN2 S-Bus circuit or extra incoming BRI
DISA Card 1 Allows direct inward access
Call Logging/Management System 1 A printer or call management system may be connected to the integral RS232C.
Headsets Handset dependant May be connected to all proprietary digital key telephones.
Height Width Depth
287mm 370mm 103mm


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