DCS 408i

DCS 408i
The DCS 408 is easy to use and easy to grow with one touch buttons that can be programmed for the features you'll need all the time. Accessing the multitude of other features is a breeze with "Help" prompts magically appearing to guide you through during each stage of your call. With a proven record of reliability and extensive experience, Samsung now brings you the cost effective digital Telephone Systems which has the same powerful features set of the Samsung DCS 408 Easy to install and use with advanced digital functionality ? Samsung DCS408 is perfect for any size small to medium business.


Keysets with Distinctive Design for dcs 408i
Samsungs iDCS keysets feature the latest in DSP technology, external microphones, and a board room quality speakerphone. The Voice over IP keysets utilize standard IP protocols, combining the features and capabilities of our standard digital keysets with the latest in technological innovation. Flexible and highly functional, these keysets support Samsungs elite line of business communication systems.



 Simple Configuration One Processor & One Board
-Type A (DCS-408 ISDN) : 2BRI + 4DLI + 4SLi
-Type B (DCS-408 Aanlog) : 4TRK + 4DLI + 4SLI

 Easy Installation & Maintenance
-Plug & Play
-PC Programming & Maintenance (For Type A)

 Slim and Simple Design
dcs 408i
-CLIP (Calling Line Identification Presentation)

 PC-MMC (For BRI : Type A)
-Optional S/W package
-Easy Connection through the DB9 connector in the SIO Option (via MODEM : Remote PC-MMC)

Call Distribution

Cost Routing

 Easy Installation (Plug & Play)
-Default program DSS buttons (DT/DS/Function keys)
-Easy Connection through the Modular Jack connector
-Compact Size ( 350 x 190 x 60 mm, 2Kg )Uniform Call Distribution
- Sophisticated Call Handling
dcs 408i



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