The true power of the OfficeServ 500 lies in its enhanced networking technology. Offering you a range of powerful options to link systems and share functionality across multiple sites through the internet , the OfficeServ 500 is the ideal private business networking solution based on IP technology. OfficeServ 500 also allows to link system using by Q-sig which is an international, open protocol and it enables compatible telephone systems to be integrated across multiple locations.



Moving Office


 The OfficeServ 500 allows extensions to be deployed both locally and remotely through the LAN or virtual private network (VPN) services for remote workers and it also offers complete transparency for all telephone features for remote extensions.



Call Management


 OfficeServ 500 gives you sophisticated call-handling facilities to optimize service to callers. When a group receives a call, the OfficeServ 500 will direct the call to the first available person in that group. If no assistance is available and the call is held in a queue, the system will play a message to the caller, reassuring them of prompt attention as soon as a call handler becomes free. System flexibility enables group supervisors to monitor the status of all incoming calls, and to bring the staff in and out of a group as necessary.



Simple, effective operator functions


 The OfficeServe can also allow pre-programmed messages to be sent and displayed on the LCD screen of display keyphones so that operators or their supervisors can continue to communicate whilst involved in a call. In addition, individual operators can also leave their terminals with a station message so that any internal caller receives a text message showing the status of the operator (e.g. out to lunch, on holiday etc).



Least Cost Routing and System Management


 The OfficeServ 500 provides a comprehensive variety of management data, including cost reports and full details of inbound and outbound calls. It can be programmed to restrict certain types of calls (e.g. premium rate, mobile or international numbers), helping to eliminate unauthorized telephone use and minimizing bills.



Reports and statistics


 OfficeServ 500 offers report and statistics through RS-232 and LAN and it includes - Total calls - Number of calls waiting - Average queue time and longest wait - Number of times all agents were busy - Average ring time before answer - Average service time after answer



Branching out with VoIP


 The internet is revolutionizing the way business operates, opening up a whole world of information and opportunities. The OfficeServ 500 is at the forefront of this communications revolution, providing Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) functionality.



DECT Compatibility - The Freedom To Move


 Utilizing the power of the OfficeServ 500, DECT(digital cordless) handsets give you the functionality of the OfficeServ 500 with the freedom to move around the office, knowing that people who need to contact you will still be able to do so.



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